Shebakia Recipe
shebakia is one of the well known Very tasty moroccan cookies

                Shebakia Recipe 

The shebakia is one of the most popular Moroccan cookies.
it is made of simple ingredients and it taste great.
to make it look's nice and attractive it is little difficult.
if you want to make the shebakia looks pretty, you have to follow the right direction process.
the key to success is to cut the dough into the right size
make 6 cuts inside with a special tool roller with teeth put it frying in a border tool, you have to put it careffuly into the frying pan. follow the instruction bellow.

Recipe for 50 shebakia


1/2 Kilo Flour (2 pounds Flour)
100 gram Margarine or Butter
10 gram  backing powder
1/4 glass (50 gram) Vegetable oil
1/2  glass of bear (100 gram)
water as needed to make the dough 

Decoration after frying

3 glasses of sugar (1 pound)
3 glasses of water
Juice from 1/2 fresh lemon.

more for decorating
1 pounds Sesame seeds
or mix colored tiny candies

put all the ingredients (Flour ,Margarine ,backing powder, Vegetable oil, bear, water as needed to make the dough , into a paste, knead the dough soft and gentle not sticky and not hard.
leave the dough  covered for 15-30 minutes to let them rise (strike, pat). Take a walnut-sized piece of paste and roll it out very thin. with rolling pin flatten the dough and cut it to pieces size 10 centimeters   by 10 centimeters.
make 6 cuts inside of each piece with serrated  roller. see the picture bellow. 

if you make the cuts in different sizes you will get different shape. the roller metal cut  typically found in Morocco.
Deep-fry the cookies in big frying pan with boiling oil  just to be golden brown.
you can use a round metal border tool also found in morocco. and maybe in cookies tools store.
this make all the shebakia in the same size.
when you put the shebakia into the frying pan you have to hold it  alternately  1 yes and 1 no so you hold only 2 or 3 stripes. now you put it inside the metal border careffuly and let it fry.
after about 15 seconds you turn over  the shebakia to the other side that not fried yet. out from the metal border.
then you can take the next shebakia to fry. 
make the shebakia only gold not brown.

you can also make the border metal tool by your self
when it fried 2 sides lift the shebakia with slotted spoon  that let the oil drop back to the frying pan.
put the fried shebakia into big aluminum tray
you can put them also on white paper to absorb the oil.
so minimum oil will be left on the shebakia.

let the shebakia dry and cold in room temperature

How to make the sugar syrup home made honey
boil the 3 glasses of water and 3 glasses of sugar. after boiling squeeze  1/2 fresh lemon into the boiling sugar. you have to get fluid  sugar.

put the shebakia for about 15 seconds into the boiling sugar. and lift it into the serving tray. sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds, or scatter  some colored tiny (grain) candies.

it is not recommended to move the shabakia from this place after it is covered with honey or sugar only for eating because it can break and loose it's beauty. 

Then you serve a good fresh shebakia to your guests.

you can store the shebakia in big plastic box in the refrigerator for quiet long time even 2 months.

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