Faduelos Recipe
Faduelos or Fazuelos is Very tasty moroccan cookies

                Faduelos Cookies 
also Called Fazuelos
  Faduelos recipe is for 1 kilogram flour
8 eggs
8  spoons cooking oil
1 kilogram flour
1/2 Cup Water
1 1/2 cup powder sugar
cooking oil for frying as needed

Cooking Instructions

Mix together flour, oil, eggs, knead 
the mix making dough.
using rolling pin Flatten the dough to
1/8 inch thickness cut into sheets of about 7 Centimeters by 30 centimeters.

frying method
view movie recommanded
put oil in deep frying pan until heat
when the frying oil is boiling
take the
cookie sheet and hold it in the top and put

only 1/4 of the sheet in the oil for about 15 seconds.  with  fork turn the sheet inward
so the next 1/4 is frying for 15 seconds.
then the same for the next 2 quarters.
when the last part is fried take out the

cookie with Slotted Spoon, hold it for few seconeds until the oil drop back into the pan. then put it on blotting paper to absorb the oil.
let the cookies to be cold in room temperture
before serving the cookies take  powder
suger in strainer to powder the cookies.


Short video about the frying process How to make faduelos

Notes: in some places it's name is Fazuelos
the taste of faduelos is the same taste of fazuelos.
if you planning to make many faduelos, (Fazuelos) instead of the roller you may consider using a
Pasta Machine

for Hebrew recipe how to make faduelos press the flag

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